A Hat In Time gets new Nyakuza Metro DLC + Online Party DLC

Yesterday, via their Twitch channel, Gears for Breakfast, the developers behind A Hat In Time, announced their second DLC for the greatest modern times Jump ‘n Run game: Nyakuza Metro!

Watch the Nyakuza Trailer here


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A Hat In Time announces their new DLC called Nyakuza Metro along with the Online Party function update

What is the Nyakuza Metro

So just like with the first DLC for A Hat In Time, Seal the Deal (watch the trailer for that here), the game will receive another new location to its collection of worlds which is this time the Nyakuza Metro world. In fact, yes, you can join the Yakuza of the A Hat In Time universe, only that they are called the Nyakuza, being clearly cat infused mobster bosses that take care of the city. Joining a gang wasn’t the worst thing to happen to Hat Kid cleary, (remember it lost its soul to a demon and had to fight for the contract in the main game).

New content, features and updates

Simply put, the Nyakuza Metro DLC will add a brand new chapter with 10 new Time Pieces, a new sticker system, new flairs, new dyes, a brand new weapon, of course a new purple Time Rift and even more! Stickers are now a way how to express yourself, next to dyes of course, to enhance your clothing, you’ll also get a baseball bat to keep the Nyakuza Metro in order. The bat can be customized with the stickers you can find throughout the world, but also you can use these stickers to emote to other players when playing online. Speaking of which…

Playing online with up to 50 people

The Online Party DLC portion will additionally allow you to play online with your friends in groups up to ridiculously 50 people involved! Additionally you can also play with up to 3 other people in a public lobby, but don’t worry, there are specific features turned off for public lobbies to prevent griefing. Use stickers to emote to other players! Race through levels for fastest completion time or getting the most orbs in a level. Also, local multiplayer and co-op via split-screen are also part of course of the experience!

Pricing and release date

The A Hat In Time DLC Nyakuza Metro will release on Steam on May 10th for €5.69, £5.19 or $6.99. For backers of the original Kickstarter project for A Hat In Time, they will get the DLC key of course for free. Users are suggested to check their inboxes for the dlc key to arrive. Preorder the DLC right here on Steam.