A Month After Converting to Xbox: Emily’s thoughts

Emily holding an Xbox Controller

It has been a month since I invested in the console, the Xbox One S 1TB. Recommended by the people who answered my poll on Twitter and the TheNewbyte crew, Dan and Hau5test. Having a history of being mainly a PC gamer, an Xbox 360, PS3 and a Wii when I was younger, I think I needed a change. Thanks to help of Hau5test and Eddie (@Edstub207) I got one of the best deals I could have gotten; an Xbox with Minecraft! After that, I have to say, I really do get along with it!

At the start, I had expert guidance from Hau5test as he was staying in England at the time. He helped me to set up the console and introduced me to the wide world of Xbox gaming by getting me a selection of games for me to play, including my favourite – the original Burnout Paradise game – and Destiny 2, along with many others. I was looking forward to the wide selections of games the GamePass could give me access to, however I learned that gamers had to pay for this. Looking into this, I thought it wasn’t that bad as I got over 100 games for £10 a month. Hau5test luckily reminded me that we got 24 months free GamePass as we got it from Xbox FanFest boatparty at GamesCom 2018. Bonus!

Hau5test, Dan and Emily at GamesCom 2018

After a month of owning the console, I have used it in way I never thought of using a console. Having gone from PC to Xbox, I think this was a good move. As the Xbox is more practical for games and I can play old games from my childhood I used to play on Xbox 360. There are features on there I never knew, such as being able to stream/cast off your phone, look stuff up on the internet and stream Spotify whilst playing! Who needs a PC for gaming?!

However, there are something that I dislike about the Xbox. For example, you have to pay extra just to play with people online! You have to download games on the Xbox as well put a disk in. I thought we reached a digital age of not using disks? I felt like I regressed a bit with that, coming from a gaming PC.

Since getting the Xbox, I have played Lego StarWars – which I have nearly completed – Burnout Paradise, that deer hunting game and Desiny 2. I look forward to playing Red Dead Redemption 2, the Halo’s, Bioshock and Grand Theft Auto 4.

Overall, a month with Xbox has been rather fun. As I couldn’t take my PC with me when I moved out from my childhood home, I thought this was a great way to play games and get involved with competitive gaming and racing. Getting an Xbox has made feel more inclusive with a wider community that I never was out there, being a PC gamer it was quite a solitary way to play games. Yet, when I made the change, I played Forza 4 with Hau5test and enjoyed doing parties with TheNewByte gang. It made me feel much more inclusive! A challenge I have faced is getting used to the controllers, it has been a long time since I had played a console, apart from being at GamesCom. The sensitivity has been a challenge to get the grips of, being I think I will get the hang of it soon. Another thing I did not realise was the rivalry with Playstation players. The second someone says they’re an Xbox player with PS player in the room suddenly there’s arguing about who’s console is better!

I’d still like to claim I am a PC player, yet I have really gotten along with the Xbox. I am proud to call myself an Xbox player, regardless of what anyone else says.

Feel free to check out my unwrapping video of the Xbox I bought in New Years