All Digital Xbox One S model reported for reveal tomorrow

According to German news website, the all digital version of the Xbox One S model could be revealed tomorrow with a launch in May. (Source)

The features of the console are noted from vendor listings where the SKU (Stock-Keeping-Unit)-ID mentions a NPJ-000xx for all references. The Xbox One S could be marketed under a different name. Maybe like Xbox One M (suggested by the author) or even more differently.

For its hard drive capacity the all digital Xbox One is noted with 1TB of HDD data storage. The one terabyte is definitely a minimum must because if there is no data that can be used from disc and every single game has either to be downloaded or streamed, the storage capacity should be at least the same size as the Xbox One X model which primarily has that extra space for some games that offer UHD or 4K packs, which boast a bigger resolution for textures which in return of course also deliver a better graphical fidelity when playing games in 4K.

For the reveal and launch window, Winfuture notes that the best option for a reveal is the Inside Xbox stream which actually happens tomorrow, April 16th around 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET. The launch window is speculated to be in May.

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