All games of the State of Play May 2019 livestream

Todays May 9th State of Play had lots of new announcements ready for you! Let’s take a look at all of them! First of we should start with the highlight: Final Fantasy VII Remake!

MediEvil sees a release date

4 more things announced

Alongside the MediEvil release date and more Final Fantasy VII Remake pictures we also got a look at Riverbond with exclusive Indie mascots as additional characters. Then there is Predator by the Sony Worldwide studios which is an asymmetrical multiplayer experience. And Away which looks beautiful and gives me some Spore or Survival Evolution vibes. Last but not least there will also come an exclusive Playstation 4 design called Days of Play in silver look.

Monster Hunter Iceborne Reveal

Coming this September 6th, Monster Hunter sees a new expansion which is called Iceborne and as the name already suggests, will take you into snowy mountain sites and icy regions!