All the new announcements of the Nintendo Direct 08.03.2018

Super Smash Bros on the Switch and more

For your convenience this article has sorted the topics for general excitement levels I felt during the Direct. Many new 3DS games were announced, but I assume more people are interested in the Nintendo Switch games first. So let’s take a look at what Nintendo will bless our consoles with this and the following year. Watch the full Nintendo Direct right here:


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Splatoon 3.0 and a paid DLC

Splatoon 2 Version 3.0 is coming in late April and brings 100 new pieces of gear + more stages: Piranha Pit, Camptrigger Fish, Wahoo World. Additionally you will be able to rank past the S+ ank, into the rank X. After that the squid research presents: Splatoon Octo Expansion which is new paid content, featuring Agent 8. It adds a new stories to unfold in the underground with more lore around the Splatoon game. Splatoon 2 – Octo Expansion launches this Summer for 19,99$. If you purchase the DLC now you will get new ingame items right away.

Other new games


Nintendo Switch games  Kirby Star Allies launches next week and we also know now that you can even team up with King Dedede, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee. There are even more new friends coming later too the game as free DLCs. Kirby Star Allies launches March 16th and the free demo is out already.

The port horde is coming to 3DS and Switch

Next section – all about Mario Tennis Aces

Tennis Refined – In Mario Tennis Aces you will have a wide range of shots like basic shots, topspin shots, slice shots and lobs! Many more tricks are also available in the game! There is the all new zone shot which uses motion controls to find the best spot to hit. It’s sometimes that strong that opponent rackets might even break! With the perfect timing you can still block even those shots, but it is quite difficult! Another ability is to use zone speed, in which the time slows down and you can get to a ball which you might have missed in another case. Trick shots and special shots are another trick up your sleeve. The game features overall a lot of arcady fun, solo playing and online multiplayer in which you can even participate in online tournaments. You can even use the motion controls of the Nintendo Switch joycons just like back in the day with the Wii, simply swing and have a fun casual match of tennis. Mario Tennis Aces launches June 22nd and there’ll be an pre-launch online tournament as well.


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