All we know about Rainbow Six: Siege’s new Operation Para Bellum

Operation Para Bellum is the latest update coming to Rainbow Six: Siege. The game that came back from the damned to fail pile of games and now enjoys its third year in existence. For May 22nd, the major league finals, we will have the full reveal of the new coming update for the game. Ubisoft was not idle in the meantime. We already have some sizable information on what the new operation will feature with 2 new defender operators and a new map set in Italy.

The new map Para Bellum

The new operation is named after the new map which will come to the game. Para Bellum is a typical Tuscan villa and has all the important features of what you and I would connect to a typical Italian place. Fancy art on the walls, nice cars in the garage and of course also a wine cellar with huge barrels. The new map shines awesome in the by now great state of the game, game engine-wise. See our screenshots of the reveal trailer for Para Bellum down below:

The first new operator: Alibi

Operation Para Bellum will add 2 new defender operators as we know. Fitting, since the last Operation Chimera added 2 attacker operators. So now we have equal amounts of attackers and defenders. But what does Alibi offer for us? Well she has two holographic copies she can spawn seemingly anywhere on the map. According to leaks, if you hit the wrong hologram, you’ll be marked on the map through the wall like Lions drone can as well. A good counter to Lion if you ask me. Making attacking a risk and giving defenders a better chance of fighting back in the heat of the battle. Here’s Alibi in action from her reveal trailer:

The second new operator: Maestro

Joining as the second operator with Operation Para Bellum we have Maestro. According to leaks, Maestro can set up a remote controlled turret and hide somewhere safe in the meantime. The turret won’t be able to move, but since Maestro will be a nice spin on what Tachanka did so far, also being a stationary turret, but with the disadvantage of having to stand by the turret, he’s in a much greater position to bring pain to the attackers team. Here’s Maestro in action from his reveal trailer:


The full reveal of the new Operation Para Bellum is planned to happen at the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League event happening on May 22nd. You can watch it live on