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So Call of Duty 2018 is actually Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is real and you might missed some moments from the teaser trailer we collected for you in our article. So let’s see what Treyarch has planned for the 2018 experience of Call of Duty.

Did the Sims Twitter account just leak the new Final Fantasy themed clothes DLC?

Yes, yes they did apparently. Just a few seconds ago the Sims account tweeted out that for the coming release of Final Fantasy XV on PC, there will also be a new clothes line coming to the Sims 4. The tweet in question was this one which has since then been removed: https://twitter.com/TheSims/status/968914100884402176 The replacement …

Did the Sims Twitter account just leak the new Final Fantasy themed clothes DLC? Read More »

Logitech G29 – Unboxing & Impression

Check out here our unboxing and first impressions of the Logitech G29 driving wheel by our editor Hau5test. Is it really the king of driving wheels and does it really work with all type of driving games? Find out here!

Fe (Nintendo Switch) Review

Swedish developer Zoink! games brings us via the EA Originals program their small game Fe – swedish for fairy – on all consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. See here if you should buy Fe and if it’s worth your money.

Celeste (Nintendo Switch) Review

Celeste is one of those incredible platformer games of which I think that I can totally speedrun them. If only there were not so many other great games to play on my to do list and I had an infinite amount of time in my hands to practice a lot. Oh well, I still can enjoy the speedruns other do and they’re amazing. But before we do that, let’s answer the age old question, should you buy: Celeste?

Night In The Woods (Switch) – Review

Ever played a game just for the story? Night in the Woods is an interactive story adventure that has you jumping, talking and finding answers to your problems in Possum Springs as a 20 year-old college dropout cat. Read here our thoughts.