Florian "Hau5test"

One of the creators of TheNewByte. Video Host. 

Computer Tycoon – from our inbox

Recently a new game made it’s way onto steam, about building that one computer manufacturer company, to rule them all. To bind them and find them. To bring them all together in order to create the singularity, that will take human evolution on the next step. Here’s my experience playing Computer Tycoon.

Destiny 2 – Review (PS4)

Our Destiny 2 review is finally here and Hau5test is not happy with what Bungie has delivered. Seemingly all charme has been taken out of the game to make it more mass compatible and Activision also seems to be greedier as ever. Come and read what we think about Destiny 2.

Prey – Review (PC)

Prey in 2017 by Arkane Studios is a vastly different game from the previous title known as Prey, but in it’s presentation and atmosphere, you’ll not find any shooter in 2017 like this one. Hau5test reviews what the liked and disliked about the new Prey game.