Avengers Endgame Review (Spoilerfree)

The Russo brothers did it. After years of people not caring or just don’t taking their time reading or at least acknowledging the credits of the work that they’re seeing, when I saw Avengers Endgame on April 24th in Cologne in the Metropolis theatre, everyone was sitting and staring at the screen after what was 3 hours cinema spectacle which was just simply put one of the best movie experiences I have ever witnessed in my almost 30 years on this earth.

Making the Avengers greater than great

Sure, praising the Marvel movies these days has gotten a bit old and surely you’d yourself tell me that they have gotten very standard. But just to think about that within the past 10 years Kevin Feige and loads of other people under him and Disney with Marvel were able not only to create characters on a movie screen which were previously only considered summer trash movies (besides maybe the early Spider Man movies under Sam Raimi), but to have them fill a 10 year long history together with actors that were either considered failed or completely unfitting, is just cheer amazing. Yes, the final story of the 4th Marvel movie phases is also the final note on many known faces as we know them. It’s not a secret, contracts run out and so human actors are moving on in some ways. However, this shall not take away how their characters on screen will do. Since I won’t talk spoilers here, just be aware, you will definitely see the end of characters.

Whatever it takes.

Captain America – Avengers Endgame

Does Avengers Endgame deliver?

If you were to ask me simply to rank the Avengers Endgame movie along all the other ensemble movies, I’d clearly go for the top spot here because as we have to face the fact, that Endgame is not only the strongest character and story arcs of the original Avengers cast, it clearly has set its goal to realize the best possible version of the Infinity War based comic book story and made it its own version that we can now enjoy in the two movies Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. Though I was myself last year very disgruntled about the Avengers Infinity War feeling as though it was very lacking in its execution and that Marvel as a whole should be ashamed of the very unsatisfied story they gave us, only now afterwards it really all comes together. Avengers Endgame delivers on its promise to give us the final conclusion to the Infnity War story and how it still can be rightfully considered its own story and not just Avengers Infinity War part two. So yes, Avengers Endgame is fun, sad, amazing, thrilling and heartbreaking from beginning to end. It made me forget my analytical mind how I wanted to view the movie at first and just let me feel very raw emotions that I had basically laid to rest for a year only now to see them coming back again, making me almost jump up from my theatre chair and scream “hell yeah!”.

Respecting the craft

As a movie and as an experience I felt throughout the journey respected for who I was as a movie goer, enthusiast of the comics and what the history regarding comic book movies has brought forward. In Avengers Endgame more than once we got very self aware of tropes we saw previously even down to single lines which were not only eye-rolled at but being noted as basically “yes, we said this the hundredth time for 10 years now, let’s move past this”. It felt refreshing and not only did I notice how amazingly thought out Avengers Endgame in the end actually was, but also how every single side-point previously actually did find a resolution, conclusion or evolution of previously occurences. But moving past the writing of the movie, yet again also did Avengers Endgame deliver the best motion graphics and 3D renders of the modern age, I’d say even more so than in Infinity War with one exception you’ll very clearly see in the movie. But I won’t go into detail with that part today.

Making it sound

The music keys felt very much on point though it is still a bit of a mystery how Marvel has not really developed an actual theme for their heroes which we could hum along. But I would assume this comes down to the format in which the heroes play out the adventures, being movies and not movie length series episodes. The Avengers theme, as simple as it is, does truly deliver and now with Infinity War and Endgame being both out there in the public, we get to hear also recognizable notes, lines and movements. It has become sound with the movie makers that some themes have to be repeated to fully punch the second or third time, but this gives them also opportunities to subvert expectations and evolve the ideas we can connect to certain motives.

In Conclusion

Does Avengers Endgame fail in any points? Certainly! I’m rather saddened that some early story points in the movie are almost rushed through to give the later plot more time to shine, but that doesn’t change that I feel how certain characters were just presented quickly before they had to move out of the way for the central cast. I would guess it is inevitable after all, how many different heroes are actually in Avengers Endgame. Oh and just as I pointed out above, some 3D animations aren’t always hitting right with me, they took me out of the experience which is never good. Other than that, yeah, I think Avengers Endgame is good. It is so good that I can rest with ease and say, whatever it takes, the Russo brothers and everyone involved with Marvel for the past ten years have done it. Nobody moved from their seats until the lights turned on and the final credits rolled, because that is how good Marvel’s Avengers Endgame is.