Battle Planet – Judgement Day, make sure today is NOT your judgement day!

Battle Planet- Judgement Day is a top-down SciFi rogue-lite arcade shooter, from THREAKS and Wild River. Wow that’s a mouthful.

Let me break it down, Battle Planet is a game that has you play one of three convicts that have crashed landed onto a planet, when the prisoner transport they were on was attacked. Check it out here on Steam.

Once on the planet (which is procedurally generated), you fight waves of police, military robots, aliens and tough bosses, all whilst completing objectives to move onto the next stage. There are 8 or 9 planets in a run each with several stages to complete and once you defeat the final boss on the final planet you will have earned your freedom from all of your relentless pursuers.

As you progress through the planets you will gain “tech points” (I can’t remember the name for them) that will enable you to upgrade your chosen convict, enabling you to progress further on your next run. These points can improve the innate abilities of your convict or you can used them to upgrade the consumable weapons that you can come across whilst tearing your way to the next planet.

There are several weapons that you can pick up, some of them include a razor sharp tri-bladed boomerang, a lightning gun that deals damage to any enemy that gets too close, a shotgun and a chain gun. Not only can these weapons be found on the planets but they can also be found in the hub world that you visit between worlds to store your tech points and grab a power up to assist you on the next world.

When playing this at Gamescom 2019 I had a blast with it. The planets that I played on felt so massive and had a lot of variety to them, and I was super impressed that all of the planets were procedurally generated. I also loved the difficultly and the gun-play as I felt that my skill mattered in this game, yes the abilities really helped but I felt that my individual skill mattered more to my overall progress.

This game does not have an exact release date on it but it will be releasing this month, September 2019, on PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4. You can check it out here on Steam. If you loved games like:

  • Dead Cells
  • Spelunky
  • The Binding of Isaac
  • Nuclear Throne
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Alienation
  • Super Stardust

Then you are going to love this game!

What do you think about Battle Planet? Are you exited to play it or have an opinion on the game? Let us know on our socials listed below!