Battlefield V is real – see here when the reveal happens

Dice finally spilled the beans and revealed to us that the long identified Battlefield 2018 game will be called Battlefield V. Now what is this about? How much do we know as of now? Well, besides the fact that the full reveal will happen on May 23rd, the event will also be hosted by Trevor Noah which most of you know from the daily show with Trevor Noah.

Dice has compiled a small top 10 of things to look forward to and to just sum them up, it’s simply a new Battlefield game. Battlefield 1 was at the fronts of war set in World War 1. Now Battlefield V will go to a new setting. So that at least is known for sure. The event will also be joined by DICE team members Oskar Gabrielson, the head of DICE Stockholm, Andreas Morell, senior producer, Lars Gustavsson, creative director, and Daniel Berlin, design director.
Besides the cool announcement by Trevor Noah himself, there really isn’t much to talk about yet. Dice is hinting at the morse code easter egg which led to the community hoping they found the answer to the actual setting of the game, but of course didn’t provide any answers other than to watch the live stream reveal. Here’s the tweet by Trevor Noah in case you missed it:


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You can watch the live event happen on May 23rd at the following times and their time zones:

– 1 PM PT
– 4 PM ET
– 10 PM CET

For your convenience we added a countdown to the event:

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

We linked the official YouTube video down below which will be directly hosting the Battlefield V live reveal event. We wish you a lot of fun and read you then when the latest info about the new Battlefield experience will drop.


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