Battlefield V

Battlefield V’s new launch date announced

Today, Oskar Gabrielson the General Manager of DICE, announced that Battlefield V will have a new launch date – November 20, 2018.

This was announced on the official Battlefield V Twitter account with a link to their website which went more in-depth with the decision.


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In the update Oskar covered Battlefield V’s success with both awards and the fans at E3 and Gamescom. He mentioned some improvements that will be made to the game, the date of the open beta (September 6th) and the decision to move the release date due to makeing some ajustments to the new Tides of War game-mode, to in his words:

“ensure we really deliver on the potential of Tides of War”

I for one am really looking forward to playing the open beta and the full game. Playing Battlefield V at Gamescom really proved to me that this is most defiantly the best Battlefield game that has been produced to date and I am glad that they are taking their time to make the game even better.

Let me know what you think, post your opinions to this decision on our Facebook and Twitter, we’d love to hear from you.