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Battlerite developer Stunlock reveals more insight into their new Battle Royale mode

Battlerite Royale coming in July!

Battlerite is the Arena Battle game that stayed alive

Stunlock, the developers behind Battlerite and previously also the, sadly, less successful game Bloodline Champions, updated the community today on the new mode, how they envision it and what led to their decision. First and foremost, Battlerites arena mode will always be the main concern of Stunlock and certainly will be not left behind for the battle royale mode development. After testing with a 6v6 mode, the right amount of players within one round on a decent sized map is 20, which means Battlerite royale will have 20 players duke it out on a map that’s around 20 times bigger than the sky ring map. The game mode can be played either solo or in duos. As it is usual for the battle royale mode, you will start without any abilites or weapons and have to loot your way around the map to gain those for an advantage over the enemy. Of course dropped opponents will leave behind their current weapons and abilities. The aim for the length of a match in Battlerite will be around 10 minutes and of course there will be also a death vortex which will shrink down the map size until inevitably the last players standing will face each other off until one remains.

Initial reactions of the community are split

So much for the vision of Stunlock for their battle royale mode. It will be a fresh wind for the genre as so far (to my knowledge) we have not yet seen a top down arena brawler game trying their hands on the battle royale genre. It is certainly a split from the usual base setup of a battle royale mode, as Battlerite is not a first person shooter game, but that just makes it more interesting to try out. Players of Battlerite were a bit confused and voices emerged of please instead focusing on to other things like the internal tournament mode of the game. But Stunlock has made its decision clear, for July 2018, the PC version of Battlerite should get a battle royale mode.

Our take

I for one did not see Battlerite ever being tried out by myself as I’m a fan of shooters, platformers and indies with interesting adventure character. A free to play battle arena game that has pay to unlock heroes with a battle royale mode? I’m at least curious and just installed the base game so I won’t miss the battle royale mode update once it lands on PC. Read up on the full developer update which was released today and see for yourself what the full article reveals about the thought process and base design setup for the new mode.


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