Enhance the Nintendo Switch with a 40$ usb dongle to enable bluetooth headsets

The Bionik’s BT Audio Sync is out now

Since the Nintendo Switch lacks some basic functions such as applications for media consumption (your Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll and so on) and connectivity to hardware like bluetooth headsets, you can now buy a 40$ dongle to fix the latter. The Bionik’s BT Audio Sync is a bluetooth device that either sits at the bottom of your Nintendo Switch when you keep it in handheld mode:

or alternatively you can plug it into your Nintendo Switch docking station with an USB extension cable:

Now of course there are some more benefits to the Bionik Audio Sync than basic connectivity to the already available bluetooth connection that the Joycons and Nintendo Switch Pro controller use. You can charge your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode and still use the Audio Sync as it can pass through the power from the charging USB-C cable. Additionally you can connect up to two headphones at once for multiplayer gaming with a range of up to 32 feet to the bluetooth connector.

I know I sound very precharged with negative emotions towards the small attachment for the Nintendo Switch. Please note, that in fact I want to point out to Nintendo how they could easily allow through a software update to connect to any bluetooth device, including headphones and more, if they only wanted to. But no, instead we have to buy into expensive extra hardware and use our own smartphones if we ever attempted to use ingame voice chat.

One could think you bought an Apple product with the amount of accessoires you can enhance it with.

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