Breath of the Wild & Mario Odyseey VR Experiences

Today on the news we present to you Nintendo’s VR Labo Kit will also get support in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyseey! Additionally we have a new Switch controller, a leaked L-Star weapon in Apex Legends and more release delays sadly!

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Nintendo Labo Kit to support Mario Odyseey and Breath of the Wild

New Nintendo Switch controller has built in microphone jack

Super Meat Boy Forever sees a delay past April

God of War takes home 5 Baftas!

The windows Game Bar gets new features including Spotify support

Bungie confirms: PvP is here to stay!

Casey Hudson admits issues at Bioware and wants to fix them

Our brand new Podcast about Bioware and Anthem:

Leaks: Apex Legends could bring the Lstar weapon back!

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