Cardpocalypse – The First Two Hours Impressions

Come and see the first two hours of Cardpocalypse, a heartstone like singleplayer TGS that is both fun to play and funny in its writing too! Hau5test definitely enjoyed his time playing it live and we’ll definitely review it for you too later, but for today here’s the basic idea of it and our first impressions of what we’ve seen so far. Join us as we play as Jesse Carter on her first day of school, finding new friends and enjoying a nice round of Mega Mutant Power Pets!


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What is Cardpocalypse about?

Basically Cardpocalypse deals with a card game based on a TV series in the game’s world. It’s called Mega Mutant Power Pets and you play the 10-year old girl Jess who just moved to a new city, trying to make new friends in her new school. All that while struggling with teachers who dislike the card game the kids love so much, being the new kid and more sinister dark secrets lying beyond that. As you’ll soon see, the universe of Mega Mutant Power Pets is slowly leaking into the real world and with that, loads of other problems come around too.

But of course there’s also an interesting social part of the game as well. On your first day alone you attend a Gamatotchi (name probably changed to avoid license issues) funeral, bring back a friend’s book to the library and fighting back against the school bully. It’s great seeing these kids interact with each other and seeing different kinds of personalities play out over longer arcs.

How does Cardpocalypse play?

Cardpocalypse is a singleplayer trading card game for 19,99€ on the Epic Game Store on PC or on Apple Arcade with all the compatible devices. This means the developers are allowed to embed some rules that can change the balance drastically towards your favors as this is not an online multiplayer game. But how does it play? Well it starts like Hearthstone in a way. There are 4 different kind of races in the Mega Mutant Power Pets plus plain normal cards which don’t have a faction alliance. One player each has a hero that they play and that has 30 life to lose. Once one of the heroe’s life is drained to zero, the other player wins.

Just like in Hearthstone as well, the mutants have an attack value, additional powers like shielded, hidden and more. Shielded enemies for example have to be killed first before the main monster can be attacked so strategies can be developed quite early on in the game. Hidden enemies can only be attacked once they attacked themself first and some others can attack right after spawning which is usually delayed by one round. Of course you can’t just play the strongest monsters right away, again, leaning on Hearthstone’s idea, you start with one food that you can use to spawn a monster with one food costs. The next round you have two food to spent and so on. After 4-5 rounds you can actually start doing a lot with a wide range of cards as long as you picked your deck correctly. 20 cards are in a deck, so far as the ground rules go.

This card game goes deeper and deeper but what makes it additionally fun is the later game implementation of stickers. You can basically rewrite rules, powers, levels, strenghts and more to give yourself an advantage. Again, the fact that this is a singleplayer offline card game eleveates this twist on the gameplay a lot.

Should you play Cardpocalypse

After the first two hours which deal with the first day of the week in Jess’s life I can safely say that this game is all I wanted after me and Emily saw it first at Gamescom in the Versus Evil (publisher) booth. It is fairly priced, funny with loads of interesting twists, well written characters and a intriguing storyline beyond just a kid’s cardcame. With that being said, after my first initial impressons I am stoked to play more and can’t wait to come back again to Dudsdale Elementary to fight with the Mega Mutant Power Pets.

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