Cardpocalypse: the review

It’s been a few weeks since Cardpocalypse released to the Epic Game Store and to Apple Arcade. Emily and Hau5test took the time to play the game and to write up a review for you out there to enjoy. Why do so few people talk about this fantastic title and why you should play it will all be explained right here.

What is Cardpocalypse

The game itself can be described as a single-player story-driven trading card game. The story aspect will lead you into the world of the 10 year-old Jesse who just moved to a new town and will meet her new classmates. All of them play the currently mega popular card game Mega Mutant Power Pets. The said game is based on the ingame TV show which will be talked about a lot next to the card game.

The game’s TV show has slowly bled into the game’s world – no wonder these champion cards feel so alive!

The Cardpocalypse Card Game

Said card game will be the driving gameplay next to some smaller narrative choices you can make to further advance progress and expand your card collection. The principle is easy: you have one champion and have to defeat the other champion by taking all of his 30 life points. Helping you on that mission are smaller minion cards and magic cards. These magic cards can also be used as traps at times.

Fullfilling tasks for over kids rewards you with new cards to play with!

Each placement of a card costs some food for the pets and based on the round you play, each time a new round starts you get one more food token. The first round starts very basic then. One food token only, not much can be done. But as time advances and you can get more tokens after each round, so too can you as the player put down more and more powerful cards.

Easy to learn, harder to master

While the basic premise of place card – attack – next round is very easy to get into, Cardpocalypse does hold also more depth in its gameplay. For example are the champion cards fitted with different abilities. These can even change when your champion gets below 16 points of health. Then the champion evolves into its mega form with new effects attached. These effects can turn the tide towards your favor even when you’re not in the lead at first.

The basic game screen: champion vs champion – it ends once one has 0 points

Additionally, there’s four different catergories in the Mega Mutant Power Pets card game universe. Different subtypes that affect gameplay and much much more. Definitely learn to build your decks in a diverse manner. Speaking of which…!

The great Deckbuilding

In Cardpocalypse you can build your decks fairly easy. Cards are coming from your base and can be reused for different decks and situations. There are only 20 cards in every deck, so it can be fairly easy to have an overview of how many high food and low food cards you will play with.

20 cards in one deck, simple to overview, difficult to perfect it.

Sometimes characters will give you booster packs or gift you a card for doing favors. It definitely plays into your hands when you are nice and helpful. But one more aspect turns the tide completely towards your favor: card editing.

Kids play card games

Cardpocalypse makes great use of its setting and ideas. These children are creative for example. When you get stickers you can apply them to your cards and change their values. Making cards stronger, cheaper to play or just give them a nice nickname. Since the game is a singleplayer card game, the developers didn’t need to think about balancing like in an online game. It’s a definitive advantage and one that makes the game much more fun when playing.

We’re literally in an underground card game tournament on the school ground, Karen!

This “kids play card games” of course also finds its way into the story. On the first day Jesse manages to get the Mega Mutant Power Pets card game banned. Besides this, also monsters slowly but surely make their way into her world. A child gets kidnapped and… the rest is for you to explore in the narrative of Cardpocalypse.

Review Conclusion

Cardpocalypse as a game is a fantastic adventure and time well spent. It can be played on any Apple system thanks to Apple Arcade for a reasonable low price or you can buy it on the Epic Game Store for 25€. We were given a review key by our PR contact, so keep that in mind when reading our conclusion. Overall, we are quite happy and enjoyed every aspect of the game. We can easily say we recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing casual rounds of card games mixed with a fantastically written narrative focused on magic, friendship and even getting payback on the school bully!

If you want to watch us play the first two hours of the game you can find our 2 hour long livestream VOD right here on our website:

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