IGDB joins Twitch – the IMdB of gaming

Twitch acquires IGDB, the Internet Gaming Database. What this means and how you profit from that, you can learn right here!

Ash wins Alola League – finally a Pokemon Master

So Ash finally did it and beat Gladion in the Alola Pokemon League to win for the first time ever a Pokemon League finale and to become a Pokemon Master. What happens now? Here’s my five cents on the event that took 20 years to come together!

Date the KFC Colonel – get Apple Arcade for $5 – GameStop closes 200 stores

Today in the gaming news we tell you how to date the Colonel of KFC, how to share your Apple Arcade $5 subscription with your whole family and which games to play plus the news about GameStop closing 200 stores sadly.

Last of Us 2 News coming soon – Free Celeste DLC released – COD MW beta this weekend

Today’s news will focus on the Last of Us 2 updates coming later this September, a free Celeste DLC came out and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta starts this weekend on PS4, all other systems next week.

Bully 2 leaks were fake – Code Vein Demo out now – Pokemon Card for $10k

Today in the gaming news we take a look at the fake Bully 2 mock ups, the $10.000 Pokemon trading card and the Code Vein demo is out right now!

Get to know the fast intense experience of Skybolt Zack

Get to know Skybolt Zack as Hau5test played it at Gamescom 2019 and hear why he likes it.

Homeworld 3 – Destiny 2 Battle Pass – No Sony TGS conference

Today on the TNB news we talk about the new reveal of Homeworld 3, Bungie adding a battle pass to Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep and Sony reportedly has nothing to show at Tokyo Game Show in form of a press conference.

Battle Planet – Judgement Day, make sure today is NOT your judgement day!

Battle Planet- Judgement Day is a top-down SciFi rogue-lite arcade shooter, from THREAKS and Wild River. Wow that’s a mouthful. Let me break it down, Battle Planet is a game that has you play one of three convicts that have crashed landed onto a planet, when the prisoner transport they were on was attacked. Check …

Battle Planet – Judgement Day, make sure today is NOT your judgement day! Read More »

League of Legends Mobile – Yakuza 7 Reveal – The podcast returns!

Today on the gaming news we talk about League of Legends mobile being leaked, Yakuza 7 coming back as a turn-based combat game and we bring the podcast finally back again!

learn to make coffee for the dead in Necrobarista

Read here all about Necrobarista after Hau5test played the demo at Gamescom 2019!