New Splinter Cell – Is This A Joke To You?

Today in the daily gaming news we take a look at a Tweet that may confirm a new Splinter Cell game, World of Warcraft Classic being released in August and 2B coming to Sekiro in a new mod!

RDR2 for PC in 2019 still possible – Square Enix Profits shrink – New Doom Eternal Gameplay

Today in the gaming news we talk about the possible Red Dead Redemption 2 release on PC, Square Enix struggling to grow profits despite great launches and Doom Eternal seeing brand new gameplay!

New Doom Eternal gameplay emerges from GDC 2019

Doom Eternal got shown off at GDC 2019 while a Google Stadia session was held. Let’s take a look!

Super Smash Bros 64 gets new Fighter

Modders added Ganondorf to the Nintendo 64 release of Smash Bros and their plans are to add even more, let’s see the full info about it here

Romhack remake of Super Mario Land in Color released

Super Mario Land sees a new romhack release which modifies the game into a fully featured color version which you could play on an actual Game Boy Color.

Dreams on PS4 recreated MGS 1 intro scene

Metal Gear Solid remasters are real and one of them is a fan project that has been created in Playstation’s own Dreams game. Check it out here!

All games releasing May 13th to May 17th

Hi and welcome to a new roundup videogame release info post! Today we are looking at the release dates from May 13th to May 17th and find especially big releases among others. May 13th release On Monday, May 13th only one prominent game will release with Thea 2: The Shattering for PC. Leaving Early Access …

All games releasing May 13th to May 17th Read More »

Nintendo’s E3 Direct has no new Switch

Nintendo finally showed us their E3 plans and what we can expect in 2019 from the Gaming company.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Reveal – FF7 Remake News – New Destiny 2 Raid

Today in the daily gaming news of The New Byte we talk about the official Ghost Recon Breakpoint reveal, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer and many more reveals. Additionally we learn more about Destiny 2’s Season of Oppoulence so that’s exciting too!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint officially revealed

Here’s all info from the official reveal of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint game, the sequel to Wildlands fans have been looking for this whole week!