All games of the State of Play May 2019 livestream

State of Play May 2019 had some interesting looks at new games, updates to old games and Final Fantasy VII Remake! Let’s take a look what they have shown us so far!

Two Point Hospital devs acquired by Sega

Two Point studios, the developers behind the recently released Two Point Hospital, have been acquired by Sega! Read all about it right here!

New Eeveelutions revealed with Pokemon Go leak

The First issue of the League of Legends Lux comic is live!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Leak – EA Development Change – US Lootbox Regulations

Today in the gaming news we get to see Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – a continuation of the Ghost Recon Wildlands story that was released for free with Operation Oracle AND more!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint leaks ahead of tomorrow’s reveal

Praise the leaking source gods because hell yeah, we got to see what the title for the next Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game will be: Ghost Reacon Breakpoint. Set to launch for October 2019, the game will release on the uPlay store and of course on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The main villain …

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John Wick Hex – exclusive Epic Game Store game coming soon

Mike Bethel develops the official John Wick game called John Wick Hex with his studio Good Shepherd Entertainment. Read here what it is about!

CD Projekt RED Store opens

Complete Castlevania Soundtrack released to Spotify and more

Konami just released the complete Castlevania soundtrack online. Check out here where you can listen to the iconic music!

New anti-teamkill measures for Rainbow Six Siege debuts on May 8

Griefing in multiplayer matchmaking has been one of Ubisoft’s biggest problems for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and with this new update they are looking to make griefing a thing of the past…. Or are they? Friendly fire is one of the core aspects of the very popular shooter, synergising with its tactical gameplay and …

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