Apex Legends Mobile – Ghostface in Dead by Daylight – Detective Pikachu Leak

Today in the gaming news we talk about updates from EA like EA Access coming to PS4, Apex Legends coming to mobile and Battlefield V finally getting RSP. Additionally we got leaks like Ghostface for Dead by Daylight and Detective Pikachu Full Picture.

How to get Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2

Here’s how to obtain the Outbreak Prime, now called Outbreak Perfected, weapon in Destiny 2!

Dead by Daylight will soon get Ghostface from Scream

Read all the perks, powers and details about the new killer character Well oops! It seemed like some players were lucky enough to get an early glimpse of the next update for Dead by Daylight and that reveals that indeed Ghostface from the Scream movies will soon come to the game as an update. Here’s …

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Dead Cells releases mobile version for iOS soon

Dead Cells, the roguelike-metroidvania game that is available since 2017 will soon see a mobile port release on iOS soon. Read all about it right here!

Play Minecraft Classic in your browser right now!

Play the classic release of Minecraft for free in your browser today with the release of Minecraft Classic by Mojang for the game’s 10th birthday anniversary!

Descenders launches into version 1.0 on Steam and Xbox One

Descenders, the highspeed full action mountain biking downhill racing game is finally releasing into 1.0 and with that leaves early access. What’s new can be read right here!

EA Access arrives on PS4 this July

Electronic Arts confirmed today that EA Access, the service that was active on Xbox One for almost 5 years by now, will be available on PS4 this July too. For $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, players can get access to the EA vault and exclusive trials and demos before release of new games. …

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New 10 days of Detective Pikachue event in Pokemon Go starts tomorrow

Tomorrow the Detective Pikachu event in Pokemon Go launches. What that entails can be read right here!

Monster Hunter Spring update will be revealed this Friday

Monster Hunter will show a livestream for its Spring update this Thursday / Friday depending on your timezone. See here when exactly you can join in on the fun.

Epic confirms new season 9 release date

The new Season 9 for Fortnite has an official release date. check out here when it is