Enter The Gungeon lets you pet the dog!!! – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reveal this weekend

Today in the news we have great news, we have fantastic news and that news is actually that you can pet the dog in Enter The Gungeon now! Oh and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be revealed this weekend but who cares when you can PET THE DOG NOW!!!!

Watch Dogs 3 in London – Epic Game Store hate explained – Should Games be Easier

Today in the news we ahve first reports about Watch Dogs 3 set in London, the hate against the Epic Game Store explained and wether videogames should be easier or not.

Xbox, Playstation & Nintendo under investigation – Valve actually works! – Impressive Hacker Ban

Today in the news we’re seeing Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo being investigated by the UK for the subscription practices, Valve actually working on Steam to prevent Borderlands 1 and 2 from being review flooded and Apex Legends hackers complaining about being banned too well!

Breath of the Wild & Mario Odyseey VR Experiences

Today on the news we present to you Nintendo’s VR Labo Kit will also get support in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyseey! Additionally we have a new Switch controller, a leaked L-Star weapon in Apex Legends and more release delays sadly!

Borderlands 3 & Epic – Apex Legends Shutdown – Destiny 3 rumours

Today in the news we can confirm the Borderlands 3 September 13th release date and it being exclusive to the Epic Game Store on PC + Apex Legends had to shutdown and Destiny 3 being rumoured.

Shocking Reveal about Anthem – r/Games follow up – Hellblade on Switch

Today in the news we review quickly the new “What went wrong with Anthem” development story which shows shocking misdirection, a year of development cycle and more things. Plus a follow up to the closure of r/Games and big games like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice coming to NIntendo Switch on April 11th.

TNB on BBC – Borderlands 3 Release Date – VPN

Today on the news: we were on the news at BBC OS! Also lots of April Fools day things, a Borderlands 3 release date we’re not sure if it is real and Cloudflare bringing a VPN service with their DNS app.

R/Games closed – Valve VR Headset – Anno 1800 leaves Steam

This is not an April Fools joke show, this is the daily gaming news by The New Byte and as such we report today about the temporary closure of Reddit’s r/Games forum, Valve bringing their own VR Headset called Valve Index + Ubisoft pulls yet another game from Steam!

Borderlands 3! – Kaz Hirai leaves Sony – Free Switch Online

Today in the gaming news we present all news from the Pax East Gearbox panel, including Borderlands 3, Borderlands Handsome Collection UHD Upgrade, Borderlands Game of the Year as a free upgrade and even more news!

TES Blades Release – GameStop eSports – Mask of Mayhem Teaser

Today in the gaming news we cover the release and not release of The Elder Scrolls: Blades for mobile gaming, GameStop joining forces with Complexity Gaming to form an eSports headquarter! Lastly, many game releases and teasers, like Gearbox showing us a hint at Borderlands 3, Mask of Mayhem!