Tropico 6 – a fantastic console experience

Tropico 6 is available on Playstastion 4 and Xbox One as of today! How is the experience and did we like what we saw? Let’s jump into our impressions of the console release of the dictat… I mean generous benelovend ruler simulator!

Reacting to the Last of Us Part 2 State of Play

Hey everyone and welcome to our reaction video to the announcements from today’s Playstation State of Play livestream with focus on The Last of Us Part 2, Medievil and new games like Afterparty!

Ash wins Alola League – finally a Pokemon Master

So Ash finally did it and beat Gladion in the Alola Pokemon League to win for the first time ever a Pokemon League finale and to become a Pokemon Master. What happens now? Here’s my five cents on the event that took 20 years to come together!