Pokemon Sword and Shield get special edition of Nintendo Switch Lite

Learn here when the special Pokemon Sword and Shield version of Nintendo Switch Lite will come out and how much you’ll have to pay for it!

Nintendo Switch Lite coming September 20th 2019

Nintendo just announced the Nintendo Switch Lite, coming out this September. What this means, what the restrictions are of this console can be found right here!

G2A embarrasses itself trying to pay for non-disclosed positive coverage

Today in a special news video we talk about G2A and their shady tactics to try to improve their public image again. So far, their attempts don’t go along well.

Nintendos Innovation Aspirations – Destiny Gjallarhorn Rumours – A new Turok game

Today in the gaming news we take a look at the aspirations of Miyamoto from Nintendo in regards to cloud gaming on Nintendo Switch and their new goal to make a new universal controller standard. Alongside to that, we have news and rumors for Destiny 2 and their Gjallarhorn and new releases like a new Turok game!

Indies vs G2A continues – Console Manufacturing Impact – AMDs new releases

Today in The New Byte daily gaming news we have Indie developers campaigning against G2A and you should rather pirate their games – Trump Tariffs having larger impacts on tech giants, including Sony and Microsoft – AMD comes back again with new CPU and GPU releases!

2 Year Prison Sentence For DDoS Hacker – Devotion Dev Censorship – Epic Refunds Shenmue 3

Today in the gaming news we have a look back at yesterday, the Daybreak DDoS hacker getting a 2-year prison sentence and Shenmue 3 being refunded by Epic themselves for making the game EGS exclusive!

Another Mini Switch leak – CDPR corrects Cyberpunk 2077 news – Prison for DDoS hacker

please enjoy our link collection of various stories about the gaming sphere from July 3rd 2019. We’ll be back again soon with another video news round up!

Alan Wake returns to Remedy – Halo Reach PC Gameplay – First Witcher Netflix Stills

Today in the gaming news we got new info about the rights to Alan Wake which have returned to Remedy Entertainment! Additionally, we have the first look at Halo Reach running in 4k 60fps on PC and the first images from the Witcher Netflix series with Henry Cavill as Geralt, Witcher

SGDQ 2019 record donation – M&B2 Bannerlords Closed Beta – Google Stadia Game Ownership

Today in the gaming news we talk about the awesome Summer Games Done Quick donation record, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlords is coming in a closed beta soon and we talk about game ownership on Google Stadia!

Xbox, Sony & Nintendo join forces – the Cost of Black Ops 4 – Wolfenstein uncensored in Germany

Today the big three gaming companies Xbox, Sony and Nintendo joint their efforts together against the proposed videogame console tariffs put out by the Trump administration. That and more like the uncensored Wolfenstein Youngblood release in Germany and the cost of Black Ops 4 report are today’s gaming news topic!