5 cents on Twitch’s new sub-only stream feature

Twitch just started to roll out the subscription-only based streams as a beta feature. There is lots of uproar about it so let’s think through if this is really useful and if the feature is even intended for individual streamers like you and me!

Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah and other gaming news

Today in the gaming news we sadly have to report about the passing of Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah. His impact on the gaming scene was not small at least from an entertaining aspect with his live reactions that went around the internet, so let’s not forget that depression is real, but not the end.

One-for-all game launcher GOG Galaxy 2 beta starts today

GOG Galaxy 2, the launcher to unify all game launchers on your PC starts its beta today! What your benefit is when using that launcher is explained right here!

Another Faze Clan Streamer Quits – Ryzen 3600 Leaks – Raspberry Pi 4

Today in the New Byte Gaming News we talk about the transfer of Cloakzy from FaZe clan away, the new AMD Ryzen 3600 leaks and the fresh release of the Raspberry Pi 4!

EA Surprise Mechanics – Minecraft in Minecraft – DCMA Battle Royale

Today in the gaming news we take a look at the ridiculous claim of EA that Lootboxes are fun, ethical, surprise mechanics – Minecraft being playable inside of Minecraft and the Super Mario Battle Royale being reborn as DMCA Royale!

Metroid Prime 4 is seemingly not far into production

Yet again Retro Studios is hiring more key positions for the currently being developed fourth entry in the Metroid Prime series.

Dr. Mario World – Twitch sues Artifact Trolls – Cyberpunk E3 2019 Gameplay

Today in the gaming news we get to learn about Dr. Mario World for mobile gaming launches July 10th, Twitch seeks legal action against the trolls that misused the Artifact directory last month and the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2019 gameplay won’t be shown until after Gamescom and more!

Canvas Bags arrived – Niantic Sues Cheaters – Minecraft Story for 100$

The Fallout 76 Power Armor edition canvas bags are finally here! Plus we got more news about Niantic suing cheaters for Pokemon Go and the new Harry Potter Go game and Minecraft Story Mode by Telltale costs 100$ per episode right now!?

Future of Destiny 2 – Google Stadia Prices & Launch – More PrE3 News

Today in The New Byte gaming news we talk about the future of Destiny 2 with Bungie, how much Google Stadia will cost and when it will launch and even more PrE3 news like Overwatch 2!

Asus and Tencent are teaming up to developer ASUS ROG phone 2

Asus and Tencent will team up for the sequel of the Asus ROG Phone 2! Read all about that partner ship right here!