Lootboxes will change forever – Pokemon Memes on the rise – ESA leaked even more years

Nintendo, Sony and Xbox vow to reveal lootbox odds for every game and Rocket League ditches them right away – Pokemon Sword and Shield memes are rising again and the ESA leaked 3 more years of E3 attendees.

Xbox, Sony & Nintendo join forces – the Cost of Black Ops 4 – Wolfenstein uncensored in Germany

Today the big three gaming companies Xbox, Sony and Nintendo joint their efforts together against the proposed videogame console tariffs put out by the Trump administration. That and more like the uncensored Wolfenstein Youngblood release in Germany and the cost of Black Ops 4 report are today’s gaming news topic!

Faze Clan Sued by Tfue – PS5 Zero Loadtime Claim – John Wick 4

Today in the gaming news we take a look at the Faze Clan lawsuit pushed by Tfue who wants to get out of his contract – Sony presenting officially their load time demo for PlayStation 5 with almost zero load time – John Wick 4 sees a release date in theatres 2021.

Sony and Microsoft Partnership – Epic Game Store Sales Controversy

Today in the gaming news roundup we take a look at the Microsoft and Sony partnership and what that means for us the players. On the other side, we have an Epic Game Store controversy with their most recent sale on our hands again.

Dreams on PS4 recreated MGS 1 intro scene

Metal Gear Solid remasters are real and one of them is a fan project that has been created in Playstation’s own Dreams game. Check it out here!

All games of the State of Play May 2019 livestream

State of Play May 2019 had some interesting looks at new games, updates to old games and Final Fantasy VII Remake! Let’s take a look what they have shown us so far!

Ubisoft stays Ubisoft – Discless Xbox One – Anthem bricks PS4s

Today in the news we have Vivendi backing off from taking over Ubisoft, Anthem bricking PS4s and Xbox One S coming in a new all digital version.

New PS4 Update 5.50 brings better graphics to non 4K TVs

PS4 OS update 5.50 brings finally Supersampling to the PS4 Pro One month after asking for users to sign up for the beta of the upcoming Playstation 4 system Update 5.50, we finally get to see what the new features are for PS4 owners. Alongside with a time management function that lets parents for example …

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Gravity Rush Remaster – Review (PS4)

Welcome to a new review! Today I’ll talk about Gravity Rush, the PS4 remaster from 2015, which is based on the original PS Vita release. Thanks to the release of the sequel in 2017, Gravity Rush 2, I was quite excited to go back to this game and play through it.