China’s PC gaming population to exceed US entire population by 2023

Chinese game allocation possible vital development decision soon

According to the research firm Niko Partners, the PC gaming population of China alone will exceed the population of the entire US nation. With that of course comes also a huge opportunity for gaming companies and developers to take action, as this huge crowd of people also have a high sales power. A clear example was just given by Mike Rose of NoMoreRobots who last week released the roguelike mountain bike, downhill racing game Descenders out of early access.


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As you can already see, once a game is free to be played in China (not to be confused with a free-to-play release), the Chinese population of players for Descenders made up a larger percentage compared to the US population by one percent point. Again, not much, but in regards to the future this is just one example of what could potentially be the inevitable future of PC gaming at last.

According to Niko Partners again, the Chinese PC gaming population of 2018 already was made up of around 312 million PC online gamers, a quarter of whom spend money in games, according to the report. The domestic PC online games revenue was driven by the Chinese population with $15.21 billion, half of the global total spent in 2018. The projection data for 2019 looks out for around $16b in revenue.

If you want to take a look at the report yourself, you can find it here:

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