Cross-save confirmed for Destiny 2

UPDATE: Cross Save has been confirmed today alongside that Sony also joins in the action. So Cross Save for Destiny 2 will be coming for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam) and Google Stadia later when it launches. Read about the full reveal infoset in the new article here:

Original Post: Finally a personal dream of mine is seemingly getting announced tomorrow as reported by Jason Schreier via Kotaku (here). Apparently, Cross saving between the platforms of PC, Xbox and Google Stadia will be coming soon. With Playstation being out of scope for now, most probably because Sony is still very much not on board with the notion of sharing player bases out of fear of losing customers.

This morning this image was found by data miners on the official Bungie website. Apparently Cross Save will be mentioned in a Bungie update post as one of the coming features for Destiny 2. According to Jason Schreier the information was confirmed by two individual people close to the company. “Those two also said the company wasn’t yet sure whether PS4 would be part of it. (Sony didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.)” it says in regards to Sony.

Google Stadia and Bungie

Tomorrow, June 6th, 12pm ET, we will see what else Google has to say about their Stadia service. One hour later, the announcement from Bungie regarding the future of Destiny 2 is slated to be revealed. It is highly likely that already in the Google Stadia announcement, Destiny 2 will be listed as one of the premium tier games that you can play on the service. We also saw yesterday already that a new expansion will come out this fall for Destiny 2 called Shadowkeep. You can read about that leak right here:

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