Deck 13 announces The Surge sequel

The Surge sequel was just announced!

Seeming as it is also a service we want to provide to our readers, we want to bring forth the information that Deck 13 just announced the sequel to The Surge, unsurprisingly called the Surge 2! With a more focus on brutal combat, world design that brings yet another devastated city into the game’s focus. While the design of the first game already had some great atmosphere to it, still many reviews at release were a bit undecided if the Surge can prove itself next to Nier and of course Dark Souls. We from The New Byte are happy to see that the Surge 2 will still come despite the initial reviews.

Only 29% of 87 reviews in total recommend the Surge, while 68% of all 36 contributor reviews recommend the Surge.

Bigger, better, faster

Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive are yet again collaborating together to bring the Surge 2 to us in 2019, on consoles and on PC yet again. The promise is to have yet again a bigger arsenal and more abilities to use against new enemies and bosses. We sure will follow the next steps until release and wish Deck 13 best of luck for a successful finish for the development phase.

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