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Descenders in Super Widescreen is a fantastic experience

Pre-word: We recceived a key for Descenders for free for review and coverage purposes.

Reasons for Super Widescreen

Why would I want to experience Descenders in Super Widescreen, meaning the render size of the game is instead of standard 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel, in 16 by 3, so three times the screen size with 5760 x 1080 pixels? Well because it’s one of the most immersive feeling while gaming you can get just by having simply three monitors next to each other and when VR is still not something you want to try out (especially since not every game can be experienced in VR). For today’s example we’ll take a look at Descenders, the just into early access released extreme downhill mountain biking game with procedurally generated worlds.

another nice evening to have a go at the training hill

A few facts about Descenders

The game has 4 different camera angles for third person and first person views. Descenders features Nvidia Ansel support to take screenshots easily with 360° angle possibilities for VR goggles or upscaled ultra high resolution screenshots at 8k or beyond. So as you can see, experiments like this are working for some good reason, the game has received amazing development support for those aspects already. Did you know that the game was developed with the Unity engine? Now you do, let’s have a look at those super wide screenshots!

The super widescreen setup allows for a natural higher field of view that your eyes can experience

first person percs

While the first person view is one amazing sight to be hold because YOU HAVE NO ARMS YET HANDS ON YOUR HANDLER, it’s also the best argument for super widescreen settings. As you can see by the screenshot, the left and right outer screens are filled with very stretched yet fitting content that will feel more natural as you speed past trees and obstacles.  The Gameplay can escalate a bit since the camera will shake more and turn around faster, as it tries to stick with what our character actually sees with his own eyes. Might be a bit too wild for some players.

Descenders in first person view with super widescreen setup

Third person weird awesomeness

On the other side with the third person view activated, the camera will be still fast, yet way better now since turning around and doing tricks will not flip the camera around as much as the first person view did.

The camera stays centered into the direction your moving inside of the 3D world,
turning into a calmer camera and gameplay experience

Can’t recommend the action camera

Honestly, I just can’t recommend it, once you’d see the video in motion (which I sadly don’t know how at this point as shadowplay doesn’t record for me right now). I hope I can update the article with video examples, seeing as YouTube likes to support weird aspect ratios as well now.

the action camera with a lower angle is unusual and not for everyone

last but not least, the far away cam

Maybe the most boring aspect of this setup is the far away third person camera, as it is super stable like a drone would fly after you with smart follow active. So while you have the most stabilized camera experience, it is also too relaxed. I would rather play the more exciting standard third person camera setup,  but that is just me.

the far away camera is maybe too calm, yet the most stable experience with such a large aspect ratio.

How to set Descenders in Super Widescreen up

For Descenders to run in 5760 x 1080 pixels, you have to first enable Nvidia Surround of the AMD equivalent (which has not been tested by me) and put this line in the Steam launch options of Descenders: -screen-width 5760. This command (at the current development level at least) allows for the manipulation of the game render screen, which is usually set to 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. With the extra launch line the Unity engine will overwrite the standard settings from the options menu and instead open the game in the triple monitor fitting 16 / 3 aspect ratio. Works also with fullscreen  mode. Let’s have some more examples how the game looks like down below.

Descenders in third person view with super widescreen setup
Different time and weather (which we hopefully can edit soon in the replay editor (currently in development)