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Destiny 2 brings back Trials of Osiris on March 13th

There we go, that’s the news, Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris starts March 13th. The long rumoured, originally started in Destiny 1 pvp centric modus that kickstarted many Twitch streamers careers will return and with it a lot of other things. Let’s check out the confirmed maps, gear and what else we learned today as the community donated together more than 9.777.777.700 fractaline crystals at the tower.

Destiny 1 and the hype of Trials

Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris was awaited for a long time. The best explaination for this phenomenon was done in this 25 minute long video by evanf1997. The basic gist of Destiny 1’s Trials of Orisis since it’s reveal on April 29th 2015, in case you didn’t know, is a 3v3 elimination pvp mode. You enter with two other friends, try to take the enemy team down by all your tools available and hopefully get together the required amount of rounds won to get one win. Trials utilized a ticket system on which you can see how many games in a row you have won and how many you have lost. 7 wins and 0 losses was the fabled flawless run, which let you visit the planet mecury for the first time in Destiny 1.

On mercury, you were able to explore a bit and in the end you got to open the flawless Trials of Osiris chest which granted you excellent high level loot for your endavour of winning the 7 matches in a row. The ticket system was done through the follower of Osiris, an NPC in the reef, another area of Destiny 1. He also sold you boons, like a free win on your ticket, forgiving one loss of a match and giving an extra win if you got to win your first match on a brand new ticket.

Trials of Osiris was home to many streamers and the community in general and it had the added benefit of launching on Friday, European evening time until the reset on Tuesday morning. That meant that the PvP event either bound everyone on a fun friday evening to their consoles or viewers watched Trials of Osiris flawless attempts on Twitch.tv. It was a great time.


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How Destiny 2’s Trials failed

Destiny 2 also had a competitive trial mode, albeit wasn’t as popular as Trials of Osiris. First we had general lacking offers in Destiny 2’s first year with locked loot – without random percs – making loot not as exciting anymore and taking away a lot of the fun of playing a lootershooter. Then the Trials of the nine didn’t evoke the same emotions as Destiny 1’s Trials of Osiris did. Destiny was overall at this point in time in it’s fourth year and many people didn’t enjoy playing Destiny overall anymore. The lacking launch added just on top of that. It took a major expansion to bring back general interest, at least in the critical census, but also from the community standpoint, to have Destiny 1’s strengths in loot back in Destiny 2. A year later we had the launch of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, the split from Activision as a publisher that made Bungie basically an indie developer and many more aspects.

Topping all these factors, Trials of the Nine both wasn’t as popular, the game itself lacked a lot of public interest and once it all came together, Trials of the Nine as the new defacto competitive PvP mode for Destiny 2 was eventually put on hold indefinitely on February 14th, Valentine’s day, 2019. Since then, the requests to just port over Destiny 1’s Trials of Osiris into Destiny 2 have just gotten stronger. A year passed and nothing really changed. Until this February when in Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn, we were met with a challenge.

Fractaline Stonks

Season of Dawn came with a bunch of things, alongside the revival of a fabled legend – Saint XIV – who we knew of since the release of Destiny 1. His exotic helmet, helmet of Saint XIV – helped a lot in PvE based content for Titans, as it allowed them not only to pop that well known purple protection bubble, granting also additionally a power or protection boost, it also made enemies blind inside of that bubble. A key factor that meant many PvE enemies were driven out of that bubble and guardians in PvE content were free to focus their firepower at bigger enemies.

In order to revive Saint XIV, we had to help the character Osiris, a warlock, from another time, to enable both a system of anchors and to power the sundial on the planet Mercury, which has been a free to walk and explore part of Destiny 2 since the Destiny 2 Year 1 expansion ‘Curse of Osiris’. Funnily enough, with Curse of Osiris we also brought back Osiris himself, as he was traveling the corridors of time in the infinite forest. But more on that in another article maybe one day.

Fact is, with everything this season, which lasts always for 3 months in case you’re unaware, from the beginning of December until this February 2020, the community had a lot of great events to enjoy. A fancy “new” PvE mode, a story that span over the course of multiple weeks that lead to the revival of a legendary guardian in our ranks, and now the task to power these sundial anchors. We generated throughout the season the so called fractaline crystals and mostly didn’t really knew what to do with it besides powering anchors for some percs to get new weapons and mods. In the final move, we were offered to donate these crystals at the tower in a central node for an unknown goal. The final step was to donate from all of the community together the exact amount of 9.777.777.700 crystals. A task that took some weeks to fulfill.

Unlocking the reveal

The community noticed for a while that the progress in 7 steps was also tracked on the PvP tab of all activities, so fast, the rumours of Trials of Osiris returning back to Destiny 2 of course formed in the heads of the community. After all, it was the Season of Dawn – not only for the life of Saint XIV – but also for a renewed interest in Destiny 2’s competitive PvP scene.

Today on February 26th european time – officially I assume it will be recorded as February 25th thanks to timezone differences – the goal was met and a new PvP mode was unlocked in the so called directory from which you can launch all sorts of activities. Along with that, Bungie also released this trailer to both announce and explain their idea behind the renewed Destiny 2 version of Trials of Osiris.


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What Trials of Osiris contains

With the release of Trials of Osiris on March 13th, we will get not only a new mode and the classic Trials of Osiris gear from Destiny 1’s first iteration, but also three maps from Destiny 1 for the PvP mode in Destiny 2. The maps Anomaly, Exodus Blue and Cauldron return – excellent choices for the 3v3 mode, especially since these maps are already well known and balanced well around the 3v3 mode. There will also new things be announced on the way to the release of the new game mode both by Bungie and assumingly the community. For now all we know is that the current meta of Destiny 2 surely can make Trials of Osiris both interesting and very exhausting, especially if you as the player don’t have the best tools on hand. So make sure to grind towards the recluse smg and to finalize your loadout before on March 13th, the Trials of Osiris make a return to Destiny 2.

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