How to get Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2

Guess who’s back, back again? Outbreak Prime! Back again

With the release of Destiny 1’s DLC Rise of Iron, ringing in the year 3 and final big update for the initial release of the Destiny franchise, came also a new raid and including that, a brand new raid specific weapon. That weapon was Outbreak Prime, as pictured below, and it was a beast play with and a challenge to obtain that weapon in the game. Now in Destiny 2 the weapon is back with a full quest which you can finish in one day. Here is how to get Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2.

Credit goes out to everyone on the Reddit community of r/DestinyTheGame as they collected all the info here: We merely repackaged the information for your convience. Please show the original redditors your support too if you want and can.


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Here’s a playlist with all steps towards the final mission step by step!

How to start the Outbreak Perfected Quest in Destiny 2

The quest starts simply by finding a small iteam on Titan in the heroic mission that you can play today with the new reset of the week starting today. The Flashpoint is also on TItan of course, so that makes sense. The steps to get that item is easy:
– Go to the room on the left after killing the shrieker in the heroic mission
– then walk into that room, go right and you’ll find it on the machin

The 6 node locations

Below is a gallery with all 6 node locations laid out for you. Read the image description to find the planets (EDZ and Nessus) and their lost sectors in which you can find the nodes to complete step 2 of the Outbreak Perfected quest. Thanks to Reddit user u/ irjustineee for the locations.

The String

Next up you need a string for the third step of Outbreak Perfected. This was decrypted by u/TheFerntuckian:

1((3000)o20)(JS01)((3000b2))(EA3Q)((3000) r20)2((3000)p18)(WJOS)(3000)(1J0E)(3000)( AT3W)(3000)(XW3G)((3000)k18)3((3000)a16 )(JE0A)(3000)(TZOX)(3000)(WJOS)(1J3B)(30 00)(AT3W)(3000)(XW3G)((3000)k16)4((3000 )a14)(JE0A)(3000)(TZOX)(3000)(WJOS)((300 0)a4)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U)(3000)(WJ3P)((300 0)a14)5((3000)b12)(EAOT)(3000)(ZXOW)((30 00)b6)(00Q7)((3000)a6)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U) ((3000)o12)6((3000)b10)(SI0J)(3000)(EAOT)( (3000)r4)(XWOJ)(S13G)((3000)w4)(ATOZ)(X W3G)((3000)k3)(IJ3B)(3000)(AT3W)((3000)p 10)7((3000)o8)(JS01)(3000)(JE0A)((3000)14)( ZXOW)(JS3F)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U)(WJOS)(30 00)(1J0E)(ATOZ)(XW3G)((3000)k3)(1J3B)(300 0)(AT3W)((3000)p8)8((3000)o6)(JS01)(3000) (JE0A)((3000)14)(ZXOW)(005J)(005S)(0051)( 005J)(EA3Q)(ZX3T)(3000)(JS01)(JE0A)(005 T)(005Z)(005X)(005W)(JS3F)((3000)b4)(EA 3Q)(3000)(ZX3T)((3000)b6)9((3000)k4)(1J0 E)(3000)(ATOZ)((3000)p12)(WJOS)(0051)(00 5J)(EA3Q)((3000)02)(XW3G)(3000)(S13G)((3 000)w4)10((3000)s5)(TZOX)((3000)o32)(JS3 F)((3000)b5)

This String leads you the farm on earth where you can find the next mission and next step for the Outbreak Perfected weapon quest.

The Old Tower Mission

Step 4 has you play through the mission “The Old Tower” which is a level 690 mission. So here is where most adventures come to an abrupt end and where only the highest level guardians can proceed. But consider yourself lucky, in this mission you will fight alongside Mithrax! Be cautious, this mission is very very difficult.

Getting the Outbreak Perfected gun

Here is the good part of the quest, once you completed the mission, the Outbreak Perfected weapon is yours at level 700 max power. Enjoy your new found power and let some heads pop in Destiny 2!

Outbreak Perfected. The inscription reads: “-directive = KILL while enemies = PRESENT: execute(directive)-” a code written directly in the language of the old warminds.

The new lore of the Outbreak Prime quest

The item description reads as follows: “A Fallen global positioning transponder, jury-rigged for operation by human hands. Its encrypted interface seems to require locational data. Beyond that, your Ghost can find nothing remarkable about this device except a brief plaintext message embedded in its header files.” Hmm… what does it mean? For now we know that this will most likely lead to the new Outbreak Prime weapon, as dataminers found with the huge update for the Season of the Drifter already the weapons artfact which gives the weapon a second unique and exotic look

History of Outbreak Prime

The weapon used to take you a full squad of 6 six people through the raid Wraith of the Machine at least twice, alongside a lengthy quest which requried you to play with one of each of the three classes together in a fireteam for some parts even. Oh and it did ask you to coordinate you to convert binary numbers into regular decimal numbers (111 = 7 for example) and so on. It was one awesome adventure that not everyone could partake in sadly due to the nature of raids, but once you got it all done, you got the Outbreak Prime.

The power of Outbreak Prime

It was a weapon to defeat enemies incredibly fast as you just needed to hit headshots, not necessary kills, to have small mites released by the enemey that slowly deal additional damage. It was incredible fun to play with and showed actually quite a lot what kind of stamina you had as a guardian and how well you could work together with a fireteam, be it randoms or your actual friends playing along with you.

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