Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will overhaul the quests and bounties tab

Finally, quests and bounties will run in a separated tab for each type of pursuit. Seen as it was released today, the Director’s Cut post of Luke Smith, game director for Destiny 2 at Bungie, did come forth with interesting insights about Bungie as a studio, Destiny as a game and how the future will change what Destiny 2 means.

If you want to read the full post yourself, it’s quite lengthy but worth a read if you want some insight behind Destiny 2 and Bungie. The full post can be found here:

Split Quests and Bounties!

The UI team at Bungie finally did it and delivered a great new change for the everday life of Destiny players. Guardians will soon be able to be taken via a hotkey to the pursuits tab. There the players will find the quests and bounties in two separated sections, instead of one large multipage which they can filter. It was not really easy to read and to find some older quest you felt like checking up with, to see if it has progressed on its own. Now with Bounties being its own tab, split from the quests, it is much easier to just take in the daily or weekly bounties and work them off one by one.

Meanwhile quests will get their deserved spot as important more longtime goals in the game to pursue. So you know more directly where you are standing in terms of pinnacle weapon pursuit, exotic weapon hunt or other quest items coming from the story from example.

All of this is based on a single line in the Luke Smith director’s cut post on, but I’m fairly certain this way of sorting the pursuits in Destiny 2 will definitily be easier for players to digest and work through on a daily basis. The old Destiny 1 way was very similar to this one, while sometimes being a bit clunky, at least bounties and quests were separated.

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