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Destiny Comet DLC and Year 2 plans to be revealed next week

Bungie is going to reveal their plans for Destiny 2 in an upcoming livestream next week ahead of E3. As it was already confirmed in Activision Blizzard’s investor’s call in March of this year, there will be a third larger expansion coming to Destiny 2. The game has been recently updated with its second expansion called Warmind, yet critics and the community were not satisfied with it. Too short was its campaign, too little was the potential used of its inhabitants the wormgod Xul and Nokris, the banned brother to Crota, son of Oryx. (If you don’t get these names, play Destiny one or watch the story explanation of MyNameIsByf here).

All hopes are now on the for now titled ‘Comet’ DLC which was the same name the expansion was called that was later going to be known as Destiny: The Taken King DLC. That DLC did turn out to be the savior of Destiny 1, bringing more quality of life changes to the game, as well as an for the Destiny universe iconic enemy, story, lore and raid. I myself have put over 600 hours alone into that expansion of Destiny 1. So the now coming Comet DLC for Destiny 2 carries all of the hopes of the community.

What we know so far from the Developer roadmap is that there will be an update that will bring armor collections, weapon randomization and more changes. These are set to be released over the next few months bit by bit. For July we’ll get the DLC raid lair second difficulty version, the prestige raid lairs as well as a new seasonal event called “Solstice of Heroes”. Finishing the end of the first year as always we’ll also get the Year one triumphs, which are key moments in the game that mark all important parts of the player’s possible success moments like beating the raid, playing through end game content like the nightfall strike and so on.

The livestream for the Destiny 2 year 2 update reveal will happen on June 5th, 5.00pm BST. You can watch it over at twitch.tv/bungie.