meet Distant Kingdoms – the fantasy Anno for your wishlist

This is a series of posts that will cover the games we as The New Byte saw at Gamescom 2019 in Cologne! See other posts in this series in the archive right here:

When I was at Gamescom 2019, I saw at the Kasedo Booth also another game than Rise of Industry, as I talked about it here:

The game was called Distant Kingdoms and my first thought was: “well that’s a bloody Anno-like simulation game when I ever saw one”. I shall stand corrected and want to report that there’s more to it and I’m glad my first impression faded quickly the more time I had spent with the developer that presented the game to me.

the deal with Distant Kingdoms

So what seperates Distant Kingdoms from other simulation and building games? The first thing is that there’s a fantastic world based on the Tolkien universe, only that the orcs are a more friendly race than the original counterpart.

The story and setup

The story is that the old gods had mercy with the mortals and that they opened a portal to their world to help the mortals to survive. Now you’re in the role of making a new community grow and also to explore the land of the gods. There’s ruins to find which will also feature a mini adventure game. But sadly I didn’t get to this part of the game yet, so I’ll leave it as a: that’s a thing I was told, maybe it will be good, don’t take my word for it when you think about buying this game later.

impressions of the gameplay

What I did saw was the community building and that looked quite good. Placing housings was done outside of a grid. Streets and factory buildings are on a grid, but I was told, as I mentioned it would be more aesthetic if we could place these buildings more freely. Luckily I said this as this was also brought up in the development group and I got to see mock ups from the developer Slack. Placing buildings instead was not done on a circle which was free to be turned around for 360 degrees. And let’s be honest, you don’t need perfect alignment to the street in this medieval fantasy community building simulation.

So that’s the deal. Building more houses, better factories and markets to keep the economy growing while also developing and upgrading the people to better homes and with better factories. Again, what I remember from Anno games, start with simple houses and jobs and expand them to higher classes of people.

conclusion of my introduction time

Now does the premise of Distant Kingdoms sound different enough to make you want this game over something else in the category? For now I am interested but not yet fully sold. So I’ll leave you all this Steam page link here so you can wishlist the game. Maybe with the coming months there will be more updates as to what the game will feature that you and I will be more interested in Distant Kingdoms.

The link to the Steam page:

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