Don’t want to hold up your Switch Labo VR case? Here’s the solution!

In case you have gotten yourself the Nintendo Labo VR kit for the Nintendo Switch and found it irritating that you have to hold up the cardboard casing all the time while playing, luckily there’s an easy way to fix this for actually cheap money.

The SweatproofGaming VR Headsetstrap

The website offers for just $14 a headsetstrap which you can easily use with the Nintendo Labo VR case without needing to modify the case itself. That way, in case you want to use it again with other equipment or if Nintendo reuses the headset case with more cardboard additions, you can still use the very same Switch VR case.

The SweatproofGaming Xbox One controller add on

Sweatproof Gaming also has other equipment available in case youre curious. Here is the Xbox controller extra grip pads which you can just put on the normal Xbox One controllers. I honestly am surprised that this company exists so I found it worth giving them a shout out for people like me that want more controll over their gaming experience.

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