EA Access arrives on PS4 this July

Electronic Arts confirmed today that EA Access, the service that was active on Xbox One for almost 5 years by now, will be available on PS4 this July too. For $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, players can get access to the EA vault and exclusive trials and demos before release of new games.

Get instant access to more than 50 games with one subscription

The EA Access vault offers up to 50 games according to the official landing page of the service. Though for the PS4 version there most likely won’t be older titles available since some of these games on Xbox are only available via the backwards compatible program which Microsoft is actively pushing for a while.

Additionally to the vault, EA Access grants you also access to the Play First trials. These are new games that are going to be released soon and mostly a week before the official release you can play these new titles up to 10 hours before launch. All progress is moved into the full release after launch, so the gist is that you can play for 10 hours all new games before anyone else who doesn’t have pre-release play privilege.