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Evolve – yeah that Evolve – is shutting down its servers in September

Publisher 2K Games is pulling the plug on Evolve, the recently turned free to play 4v1 shooter game in which 4 people try to take down a monster before it can evolve far enough to destroy a home base on the map. After the development for Evolve has stopped in October 2016 as it was announced in the community forum by the studio founders, the future of Evolve was unknown. Until now, when 2K Games announced that they are going to shut down the servers for Evolve effectively with September 3rd 2018.

Players have time until July 2nd to get cosmetics and ingame items. With the servers shutting down, this means that leader boards, ranks, Hunt (ranke) player profile data will go offline. However, you will still be able to play Evolve via Quickplay and peer-to-peer connection. So the modes Hunt, Nest, Rescue, Defend, Arena and the Evacuation mode will still be available.

For players that paid for content like monsters, skins and hunters will get to keep their content post server shutdown. If you still have ingame currency left, be sure to spent it all before September 3rd as the ingame store will also shut down by then. The content will be accessible through Evolve Legacy, the original release of Evolve back in February 2015. On consoles, you can play Evolve legacy by just normally starting the game on your system. On PC, you can use this guide to play Evolve Legacy from Steam.

You can read here about the full set of features that is going away. Did anyone of our readers actually try out Evolve Phase 2? According to SteamDB, the initial peak playerbase of the first Evolve released spiked with around 27k players, but after the free-to-play update it went past 51k players. So I’m curious if there is anyone out there that still plays the game even. Let us know on our discord which you can find here: https://thenewbyte.com/discord