Go on the search to find Mew in Pokemon Go!

Is Mew in Pokemon Go bringing the players back again?

Although many people stopped playing Pokemon Go, I still see many people on the streets and in the parks playing the game. Especially here in Cologne where I currently reside, many people are having their phone out when it gets a little warmer, using the game to walk their dog or to mix a nice walk in the evening sun (probably more in the summer than right now). The game is far from being dead and with the latest news that just reached us today, it might even make a bigger comeback again after a while. Stories and quests are making an appearance starting March 30th and with it also one legendary Pokemon, Mew is coming to Pokemon Go finally.


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A new update adds quests to Pokemon Go!

The above Tweet with a nice update post on the Pokemon Go website was posted today, announcing that a new quest system will both bring Professor Willow back in focus with more interactions that will require you to research. There will be two different kinds of research quests to do. The first one is field research. With field research you’ll be required to spin PokéStops. This in return will lead to a wide variety of Pokemon-related activities. For example you’ll get a field research mission that will require you to catch a dragon-type Pokemon. Or you have to win 3 Gym battles. With three missions finished you’ll earn a stamp for the day and you can earn a special Research Breakthrough from Professor Willow. This breakthrough will turn into rewards like stardust, mystery items and also wild specific Pokemon appearing for you to catch them.

A screenshot of Pokemon Go showing the field research tasks
Field Research can be done multiple times per day, with apparently three missions at once active.

How does Mew fit into this?

The second kind of research activities that you will be able to do is special abilities. These are story driven tasks by Professor Willow who will lead you on your way to seemingly find Mew inside of Pokemon Go. Mewtwo was previously already available in Pokemon Go by having to join raids and being lucky to have a special raid invitation drop that will give you access to the chance of catching Mewtwo.  It’s quite a challenge and even then you might not be able to get Mewtwo reliably as, of course, this special Pokemon is not the easiest catch, considering it is also the strongest of the Pokemon out there. Now bringing Mew into the mix without requiring players to raid all the time, that’s fantastic. And yes, I also mean myself with those players. I just couldn’t get myself to raid all the time to just have a chance at getting Mewtwo.

A screenshot of Pokemon Go showing the special research tasks.
Special Requests are the way that story will be brought to Pokemon Go. Professor Willow will ask you to do research which will lead you seemingly on your path to find Mew too.

How important it is that this update finally arrives

Here’s the thing, for players like me, who lost interest in the game quite a while back, I can safely say, this new update interests me enough to download and try the app again. I mean it doesn’t cost me anything to give it another shot. Just like any other MMO (to which I consider Pokemon Go belongs to) regular updates may bring back some interest to the game, but major updates like this that bring a new layer of interaction back into the game, this will bring back resigned players like myself. I love the new idea and will definitely, now that it is getting warmer again, take my chance and play some Pokemon Go again.

A screenshot of Pokemon Go showing the stamp system
Stamps will record your progress in Pokemon Go and will lead to you getting a research breakthrough. One of the rewards is that a Pokemon will appear. Maybe Mew will be a part of that reward as well.