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Computer Tycoon – from our inbox

I have to open this article about Computer Tycoon by openly admitting that I am a sucker for tycoon games. I just can’t stop playing games that constantly give me things to plan, build, research, overcome challenges, take my brain under full load just to receive a new satisfying outcome thanks to my actions. I all comes together in those type of games. My last big passion was Game Dev Tycoon in which you start out as a small garage developer and work your way up to a multi million dollar cooperation with several guys working on your game. I adored it and still come back to this day, just to think off new names for games and to try to make another great 10/10 game. Oh also: A copy of this game was provided for free by the developer!

First set your start paramenter

Now since October 12th, Steam has a new tycoon game in their early access library and it is called:
Computer Tycoon or C:/Tycoon as the title screen suggests. It is developed by a single guy called András Illés from Hungary. Since the early access phase launched the game has seen 3 new updates over the past three days. So, it’s difficult if the game will ever see the light of a full launch, but so far there’s no indication that András won’t deliver on his goal of a full game. (By the time I was done writing this article, a fourth update was released!)

Pick a country to start your first production site

Coming into the game we have to rally against several other companies that try to achieve the ultimate goal which is being the tycoon that is going to cause the technological singularity. We start out with a big budget and can select a country from the world map to start our first production site. In this we can create our first facilities like a management building, a research lab, marketing offices and more. With this starting point, it’s time to select our first parts to build our very first computer. From chips, over memory and the OS, we have a multitude of options to begin with. Does our first home computer even have a permanent storage drive? Which kind of power supply does it use? Already with the first parts we can start diversifying our setup to prototype the first commercial home computer from our company. Just set the price and we are ready to go to market.

Select and buy the best parts for your first PC

While our first PC will probably not break the industry, we can start of with a little financial gain and start our research for better quality, newer technology and improved hardware which will not only help to improve our build, but also help to further distance us from the other competitors. Values as easy-to-use, quality, usability and more are judging our build and determine our value. The game uses a fictional currency known as computer tycoon dollars and so our first build after some minutes of selecting and improving actually costs us about 1100 CTD to produce. I settled with a lower price than it was recommended to me via the option screen and so my first home computer was ready to be sold to the world for 2100 CTD!

Produce and prototype your first computer, set a price and go ready to take over the world!

This little loop basically describes the main part of the game. From here on, it’s all about expansion and improving. Which country will be your next to start a new production site. Maybe you’re willing to go to market in a first world country like France, which will innitially cost you a lot of money, or you decide to go to a different less fortunate country in the game’s world like the Ukraine to start a site for less money but with more expected cash flow.

Next goal: World Domination!

I’m already really hooked and although I did not get the game at first, after some trial and error, the first half our went by so fast I almost missed the deadline of this article (that I’ve set myself). I can’t wait to go back and to see the game evolve. For a tycoon and technology, especially home computer technology fan like me, this is a great game and I hope that András Illés will work a lot on it to make it a pleasent experience for everyone that tries it. For the current price of 10€ or your local equivalent, I think it is a fair price, at least once the game has been fully developed.

If you want to see more information about Computer Tycoon, click here: http://computertycoon.com/