Fortnite adds a brand new Avengers Endgame game mode

Available with today, in Fortnite Battle Royale you can either be on the side of the team Avengers or the Team Thanos which mirrors very fittingly the final movie in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe phase. If you want to read our spoiler-free Avengers Endgame review, you can do so here!

With today’s update v8.50, you can join the Avengers Endgame game mode. Upon spawning you’ll be either assigned Team Avengers or Team Thanos. If you’re part of Team Thanos, you’ll become a Chitauri and your weapons will be automatically assigned to a laser rifle, anti-build grenades and a jetpack even for more improved mobility. Your job in this game mode as the Chitauri is to find all the six infinity stones on the battle royale map. If you find the first one, you’ll become Thanos and will get your abilities from last year’s Avengers Infinity War game mode. Meaning, you will be able to use a destrutive punch. a powerful laser beam and a ground pound-like jump that damages enemies below.

Team Thanos

Everytime team Thanos finds another infinity stone, Thano’s abilities will be boosted more, as different stones have different effect on the mad titan. The Red stone doubles health and shields, the Soul stone activates siphon (boosting Thanos’ shield only) and the Mind stone will double his jump height. The Space and Time stones triples the ground pound area and increase knockbacks, respectively, while increasing damage in the process. The Power stone boosts Thanos’ laser damage by six times.


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Team Avengers

If you’re placed on team Avengers, your job will be to find a mythic Avengers item on the map, which will be easier since you will also spawn with a treasure map leading you to that item. But, as you can see in the trailer above, you can already see that you can wield Hawkeye’s bow, Thor’s Stormbreaker, Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s repulsors.

How to win Fortnite Endgame

The Hero team’s task is to stop Thanos’ and his goons from finding the stones, and then wiping Thanos out directly. During the game, both teams will drop back onto the island after being killed. However, once all of the stones have been found, Heroes will no longer respawn. If you manage to kill Thanos, another Chitauri will become him after a brief period — unless he’s the last player left. The last team that has not been completely wiped will win in the end.