Fortnite Battle Royale appears in Koreas rating board

Fortnite. A name that everyone immediately can connect to that one game everyone is talking about. Although Bluehole, PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds publisher, is currently suing Epic for copyright infringement, Fortnite itself doesn’t see any stop in development or popularity, having just released a new vehicle as its first means of transport to the game: a shopping cart. The game is already available on all major platforms like PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android, yet one is still missing: the Nintendo Switch of course.

That might change soon as we found out recently. The Korean rating board GRAC, short for GAME RATING and ADMINISTRATION COMMITTE for games got a new entry posted on May 23rd for “Fortnite Nintendo Switch”.
The full, admittedly Google translated. entry can be viewed here:

The Twitter bot that graced us with this info can be found here:

Now, what does this tell us? First off we have Epic Games Korea which is a legitimate entry as we can easily find the official Epic Games Korea subsite on the official Epic Games website: The Epic Games Korea CEO is Park Seong-cheol. Just FYI.

Rating the game for kids around the age of 12 years seems plausible. Remember, this is still the official game rating board website, the Twitter bot only scans and shares the entries it can find. So a release on the Nintendo Switch is quite reasonable to accept as solid fact.

When the game will be released is unknown, for a rating to be granted, usually games need to be finished and since Fortnite itself is always using the same build version for all platforms, I can assume that this is surely the case now. Nintendo’s very own Nintendo E3 Direct will happen on Tuesday, June 12, 9:00am PT.