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Leaks reveal John Wick skin and LTM coming soon to Fornite

Indeed, it is the actual John Wick skin and not his lookalike double

Behold, Fortnite leaks are coming in hot featuring a new Skin that actually looks like Keanu Reeve’s John Wick from the third movie also known as John Wick: Chapter 3. The movie itself is out this May on the 17th, just 2 more days to go! Most likely will the event then also happen on Thursday or Friday in Fornite.

Lucas7Yoshi_ with a look at the battle damaged John Wick

Not much is known yet from the leak that Lucas7Yoshi_ has dig up, but we know that the gold coins will play a leading role. The currency which the hotel “the Continental” accepts as payments and is usually the way to pay with all things considered in the bounty hunter business of the John Wick universe, will be used to determine the winner of the LTM in Fortnite. You can die up to three times and each time you drop one of the golden coins. The goal is that two teams face off against each other until one side has enough coins together to win the game.

As a nice bonus, Lucas also dug up that the hotel grounds are a safe ground as “business” is not allow on the hotel grounds and as we see in the very first John Wick movie, will be punished by the organization by death. This very same rule is also the reason why John Wick will be on the run in the third movie. Listed below are also the leaked bounties that will come along with the game mode.

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