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Gamescom fan packages revealed for a limited time only

Today Gamescom announced to the public that they’re going to sell a new product type next to their regular entry tickets to the fair. The Gamescom Superfanbox is a package containing limited time available goodies and is coming in two versions.

The main Gamescom SuperfanBox contains a limited design unisex T-Shirt, a festival bracelet, a personalized badge and the biggest treat of course is a special entry ticket with Pre-Entry Access level. Meaning with this special verison of the ticket you can enter the fair one hour earlier, starting 9am and see the entertainment halls before anyone else. Of course this will be a highly looked after ticket because as many visitors of the fair can contest, the lines before the halls get opened to the public are always packed, they’re always flooded with people and if you’re not one of the first ones in the line for the game that you want to see, it’s maybe already too late to get in line for that day.

The very same SuperfanBox can also be purchased without the Pre-Entry ticket as it will be basically just a merchandise box. The ticket price makes a huge difference of course. The standard SuperfanBox will cost you 75€ with the Pre-Entry ticket or only 44€ if you don’t get the version with the Pre-Entry ticket.

However, it has to be noted that you can only once enter the fair one hour earlier, as the Pre-Entry access only counts for either the Wendesday of the fair or the Thursday entry. After that you have to wait until 10am like everyone else. So use your pre-entry wisely.

The promotion is only running from today, April 11th until May 19th, so if you really really really want to get your Gamescom hype on and support the event with the goodies, you have to decide soon. I expect that at least the version with the Pre-Entry ticket will be in high demand.

You can find the official landing page here:
(Update: the promotion has ended and Gamescom took the website down. Hence why we unlink the landing page here.)

The New Byte has no association to the Game corporation or the Gamescom event. However, we want to point out that we’ve been present as press guests the last two years and aim to be present at this year’s fair again for transparency’s sake.