Ghost Recon Breakpoint officially revealed

It’s May 9th, 8:30pm in Germany, showtime for Ubisoft and their new sequel to the Ghost Recon series: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

Already leaked a day prior to the event, we knew roughly what it will be about. Cole Walker played by Jon Bernthal, known from the Marvel and Netflix The Punisher series, will be the bad guy and you as Ghost, an elite spec ops soldier are working against him and want to stop him. Let’s take a quick look at the first reveal trailer, shall we?


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Teamwork and clever usage of your skills needed

Not bad right? Indeed, the gameplay presentation which goes a little over 10 minutes shows even a lot more about the game and what you can do. Besides the singleplayer section that was shown at the beginning, running away and hiding from the enemy soldiers, you will also team up with up to 3 other players together or in singleplayer style with 3 CPU buddies. In that sense, Ghost Recon Breakpoint will constantly further push in terms of gameplay what Ghost Recon Wildlands has done before. Take a look:


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Can’t get enough? here’s more!

For your viewing pleasure we also got official screenshots from the game and artwork that you can view in our gallery! Let’s start first with the screenshot gallery:

And if that was not grim enough for you, the official artwork pictures go into further detail with Cole Walker and his army of men.

Last but not least: Preorder editions

Yes, of course there is preorder editions and yes, there are plenty and with loads of differnt perks to them. As we revealed already the Woves edition, there is additionally also now the gold edition available for purchase of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Alright! Now with the official part over, let us know what you think about Ghost Recon Breakpoint so far. Are you on board? Or are you in doubt about the game? Let us know on our discord or on our social media listed below!

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