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Get ready for a new Ghost Recon game reveal this week

Today the official Twitter account for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon announced that there will be a new Ghost Recon game reveal happening on May 9th at 11:30am Pacific time or 7:30pm British summer time.


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The website where you can find that reveal stream is the company website that is also part of the 2017 release, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recond Wildlands: Skell Technology.


Wether the game will be a sequel to Wildlands or a fully new setting is unknown for now. Wildlands itself just recently saw the release of the new DLC Operation Oracle featuring the Punisher actor Jon Bernthal, on May 2nd, not long ago actually. You can see the impressive trailer right here:


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Now we want to know, what do you think? Talk to us on our socials or join our discord server to have a discussion about the new Ghost Recon experience and wether it may be a sequel or a completely new setting for the series.

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