One-for-all game launcher GOG Galaxy 2 beta starts today

Long time has passed since Steam launched in 2003. Back then it was a revolution to have one digitial outlet to have all games connected to your Steam account and to be able to simply download a patch for the game whenever it was ready without needing to visit game websites to download the patch from their source. Since then a huge mass of browsers and launchers have emerged from various outlets and publishers. From Ubisoft’s uPlay to EA’s Origin and more, they all split where your games were saved, which ones you have and so many more logins and passwords to remember along with them.

The revolution of game launchers

That’s a thing of the past, or at least it is hoped by CD Project, owners and developers behind GOG (Good Old Games), the game store that has made DRM free game sales a standard and also attempts to deliver classic gaming experiences for modern machines to run them on. GOG Galaxy 2 is the launcher that hosts both the GOG store inside of its application and also the management software for all GOG games and more you purchased. Starting today with version two, this principle is also widened to all kinds of external games from launchers and even consoles you own and connect to GOG Galaxy 2.

How to get GOG Galaxy 2

Join the free beta right here from the devleopers website: It is free to download and use!

What are the benefits?

The huge advantage that GOG Galaxy 2 offers is among combining all your digital gaming accounts into one launcher, is that you can also install, delete and patch them all in that one launcher. Among other advantages such as game stat tracking, meaning you can see how long you played a game no matter the orignal launcher of that game. Additionally GOG Galaxy 2 also collects and displays information of game achievements from all plattforms, offers leaderboards with your friends and soon will deliver even more.

Features to come soon to GOG Galaxy 2 are cross-platform chat with friends, a unified friends list no matter the launcher and also a game discovery tool that allows you to see what your friends play, what is popular and more. All with the promise of not selling your data, not spying on your computer and full GPDR-conform data insight and option to delete them forever from their servers if desired.

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