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Going To ShowMaster’s London ComicCon 2018 Journal

On the 27th July, I went to London ComicCon with Daniel as a pair from The New Byte. We decided to do cosplay as part of the newest Star Trek (films) command crew, I went as an engineering officer and Daniel went as a science officer.  In advance of a couple of weeks, I am a rather big Sci-fi fan and Star Trek is one of my favourite film series, so I suggested the idea to Dan and he really liked it, we would coordinate our cosplay to Star Trek. My costume based of the film’s more recent Uhura, portrayed by Zoe Saldana and Dan went with the science officer cosplay, inspired by the most recent Spock, played by Zachary Quinto.

It was the day of ComicCon!

The day started off with my alarm chiming at 8.00am in the morning, I was on about 5 hours sleep as I was too excited the night before. After I got up, I went to put my cosplay on, the thing looked like a sack on me so I pinned it back so it was more suited for my figure. Then I went to apply my makeup. I planned to look like Uhura from the movies, sadly, I was short for time so foundation and mascara would have to do. Waving goodbye to my mum as I set of on my journey, I was ready for a great day out.

I picked Daniel up and we both took some pictures of our cosplays, they worked well together. We were on our way to London, with my driving and Dan’s navigating skills we got there within two hours. Arriving at the Westfield Shopping Centre, we saw some cosplayers heading to the venue, London Olympia in Kensington, and we both got excited. We parked up and walked through the shopping centre and we got a lot of stares. It felt good though as we need that we stood out from the boring crowds.

We got the overground train from Shepherd’s Bush to Kensington Olympia where the venue was and we walked straight over to it. We knew it the venue as it was surrounded by crowds in cosplay. We walked over to the entrance and we faced with a massive building with beautiful architecture, perfect to hold a ComicCon.

As we entered, we were amazed at how busy it was and by all the different variety of stalls and colourful displays. There were crowds surrounding us with cosplay, merch and fandoms.

We saw many cosplays!

As we strolled around, we were admiring all the different cosplays, we saw Thor, a lot of Lokis, Maleficent, Hiccup and Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon) Storm Troopers from all the Star Wars films and we saw some impressive ones especially Kylee Frye from Firefly and Baymax from Big Hero 6. We continued to look around all the stalls, they ranged from mock gun and swords from famous shows/animes to gaming merch for Destiny to people selling their art. There was so much variety, we must’ve walked miles just looking at everything.

We ventured upstairs to see what was up there and I heard that there were famous people signing autographs and taking photos. When we proceeded upstairs, we started at the least famous people area, half of the people were not there anyway. Then I suggested to go in the direction of the bigger stars, the crowd surrounding them were enormous, these included Jason Momoa, Rose McIver, Zachary Levi and Nathalie Emmanuel.

We ventured into the past with the retro gaming exhibit

After that, we went into the retro gaming area and played some games. There were old Playstations, first and second generations and old Nintendo’s and GameBoys. My favorite part was the PC part, I played the original Counter Strike game and Minecraft.

After we finished with ComicCon, Dan and I decided to grab a bite to eat. So we ventured back to Westfield Shopping Centre and up to the food court, we decided we wanted pizza so went to Pizza Express. It was a good ending to a good day.

Overall, ShowMaster’s London ComicCon was a pleasant experience, I am really glad I went and was in good company to experience it all with.

Emily (RainbowBeltz) – From the south of United Kingdom, amazing simmer and all time fan of the Sims gaming series. Full time student, full on PC gamer, my favourite games are Fallout and Sims 3.