Heave Ho Review

From the makers of Mother Russia Bleeds comes Heave Ho on Steam and Nintendo Switch for great local multiplayer fun and challenging gameplay.


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If you’ve ever thought that the Switch is only for party games and the Legend of Zelda, you’d not be too far off. At least that’s how my Nintendo Switch games collection looks like. From Mario Kart, to Overcooked and many more titles that are great to enjoy them together with friends locally, there’s now also a new game in my collection that I definitely need to tell you about: Heave Ho!

swing and fling to win in Heave Ho

In Heave Ho you try to cling and swing yourself through a bunch of levels and ideally you do that with up to 4 other people. While it may be easier to go through the chellenge alone, it is definitely much more fun to try and fail with your friends when you’re depending on them yet hilariously unpredictably fail still.

Thanks to different sets of characters, voice actors and looks you can make your little bean look quite individually to your likeness. At least in some smaller scale.

tricky, challenging and surprising levels

What’s especially cool is the changing levels and challenges, featuring swings, turning platforms and even set under electric charge surfaces. You definitely want to time your swings and hops right.

fun dynamic soundtrack

Over than that, the game is supported by an excellent soundtrack which slowly builds itself up over the course of the game and adds more and more instruments as you play. This leads up to even the developers joining in on the choir singing once you’ve reached the peak of the sublevel set.

in conclusion

All in all, Heave Ho gets a recommended in our review and for just 10$ we think this is more than a fair price to ask for. We definitely had our fun when playing the game and definitely look forward to the next local multiplayer round session.

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