Holedown (iOS) Review

What do you get if you mix Breakout and pool billard? Holedown!


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I just got aware of this neat little game on iOS (also available on Android) by a retweet of Rami Ismail. The game was made by Martin Jonasson under his developer alias Grapefrukt. Let me tell you, this game is satisfaction made pure. Both aiming correctly and pulling off a brilliant shot that helps to free up a lot of stones on the field is just feeling so damn good.

What is Holedown?

But what exactly do we do in Holedown? Well in Holedown all we need to do is to drill into the underground of different planet cores and other galactics spheres. You only have a limited amount of shots to take before you have to break the core of the current planet and you need to hit blocks on your way down as often as the numbers display. Very easy to grasp, but still tricky to master.

Clean design

The balls that you shoot with have tiny faces and one of these … things, is also giving a few tipps and some advice at the start of the game at the bottom corner of the screen. It is quite cute and the overall simple setup does not hurt the entertainment factor. On the contrary, especially because of how fast the balls with which you’ll shoot can get, the better it looks when there’s no noise on screen, mind you, this is a mobile game for phones and tablets.

I also really loved the chilled soundtrack to Holedown. It’s a please to sit down, focus a lot and have your mind being locked in a Zen like state in which you just aim and let go to see blocks light up and disappear after a while. It’s a nice match and I highly suggest to keep listening to the music instead of your next Spotify daily playlist.

Neat progression system

Additionally to the randomized levels you can also further enhance your abilities. Be it that you can start with more balls or unlock more balls to shoot with by performing well inside of a level, you constantly grind for points that also help you overall to complete more tasks. For example, the amount of shots is limited and buying more shots with the points that you literally grind for, you can further break blocks to reach the core of your planet.

Clever gameplay

Holedown a very simple numbers game in the end and it is up to you if you want to directly target a block to just substract the amount of points by the amount of balls you have per shot, or do you take a risk, try to shoot at a difficult angle and maybe get lucky to bounce back and forth multiple times to hit blocks more often within one shot.  Sometimes you don’t even need to break all blocks but only those which are fixed on the plane, because since the idea is that you’re digging down towards the center of the sphere, you can also just take away supporting blocks that carry basically “heavier”, meaning blocks with higher numbers, so they fall away and take the heavy blocks with them.


Overall Holedown is an amazing game which you can pay a very fair price for. No ads, no bullshit, just a very good game that keeps you hocked and entertained by simply rewarding you with smart shots and lots of bouncing balls the more you play. It is just that good, that I was glued to my phone for a whole afternoon and just couldn’t stop playing.

So with that I highly recommend Holedown and look forward to the next game of Martin Jonasson or Grapefrukt.